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 A side by side tasting of three consecutive years all from the same vineyards here on our Estate. Same vineyards, same winemaker, different weather patterns resulting in three unique and delicious wines from our 2013, 2014 & 2105 vintages.

2013 - Beautiful aromas of cedar, eucalyptus and hints of sage and herbs. Deep heavy plum flavors with dark cherry and dark fruit accents displayed in a balanced tannin structure with a velvety smooth mouth finish. A beautiful wine to be enjoyed today but will continue to age well for the next 4 years. This wine pairs well with most culinary dishes so get creative

2014 - A classic both in aromatic and taste profiles. Aromas of cedar, eucalyptus and dark fruit greet your nose Rich soft tannins balanced with fruit flavors of black berries and dark cherries. A rich full-bodied wine with a velvety smooth mouth feel has a lingering back palette finish. Pairs well with a rib-eye or filet.

2015 - Fruit forward, luscious bright fruit of raspberry and cherries with hints of cedar and deep black berry in a blanaced tannin structure. A full-bodied wine still speaking of its vibrant youth yet will deepen as it ages over the next 6 years. Pairs wells with Italian dishes, sauces and spices.

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